Aug, or Dim Button would be great!?

I don’t know all the theory… so can’t really take full advantage of the Borrow feature and for most of the time… I don’t need to!

The Buttons for all the variables are there… Inv, Type, Emb and Sec… are great… so all that seems to be missing… for the majority… is a Button for Aug and Dim?

I’ve just been reading some post here, regarding this Augmented option… it was very heavy going!

There also seemed to be a big problem with the HT team making this available in the programming!?

All chords are based on the basic triad… and the augmented is the 3rd note of the basic triad raised by 1 semitone. The 3rd note… the 5th Interval. Couldn’t you just make the action… raise that by 1 semitone. Make it a singular action… not impacting on anything else… if you need to use again… simple copy and paste.

I appreciate that there is a bit more involved with some chords, but sometimes the complexity hides the simple solution and we miss the wood for the trees’


Dim chords already exist in Hookpad. Just look for the chords with the o symbol. There’s no buttons for making a chord instantly diminished. You’ll just have to look for it.

Aug doesn’t exist yet, and will probably get added after Hoktheory II comes out. I saw that the interface in Hookpad follows what’s in the Hooktheory books.

Hi and thanks for the input!

Yes for Dim chords I just go looking! :smirk:

yes Aug button please

I also would love this. I haven’t yet figured out how to augment chords, and it took me awhile of trial and error before I found the right diminished 7th chords.

Augmented chords don’t exist in Hookpad yet. Maybe when Hooktheory II and its update comes out.

Well, Hookpad 2 is out and while there are augmented and diminished chords, they are really, really hard to access.

In fact, by accessing them, I’ve ruined the readability of the chords. I understand not making something like dominant sevenths more accessible (sorta), but aug and dim are some frequently used chord types. Can we get an aug and dim button?

I may be mistaken, but isn’t that essentially what these are? That’s pretty much how I’ve been making all my augmented triads.