Aria Suggestions!

Hi! I know things take a while to code and stuff. But I just wanted to mention again some features I would LOVE to see added to aria and hookpad

First being, pick your own rhythm mode,
I find aria struggles with rhythm a lot, but I don’t find it useful for vocal Melodies anyway so I think we should be able to input like a flatline melody and then use aria to make that rhythm into a melody that will sound best with underlying chords.

Kinda bouncing off that I would really like to see aria give suggestions- like giving you tips for your own melodies- like oh you have it ending with the E but it will sound better if it goes to D sorta thing, or oh this melody will sound better if you move it down a few notes. In this case it would be a melody made by a human that aria could give some theory tips to amplify it.

Another thing I’d love is if we can just overall have more customization with aria. Definitely would love to see us able to choose what metrics we want the melody to be. Sorry if that didn’t make sense, like allow us to choose the end goal / metrics (like chord tension and melody complexity stuff, like u see at bottom of theory tabs), Also allow us to control rhythm like lots of short notes or lots of longer notes and maybe even a melody shape like only make arches or sawtooth or descending, etc. cause right now. Being able to combine that would be cool. Like make an arch melody that goes into a sawtooth melody, ( I love aria so so much but) more than 50% of its outputs are junk and that’s mostly cause it isn’t what I am looking for on that project.

Also you should definitely do like a lyric helper, that could be revolutionary, like on the lyrics tab you type something and it could give you ideas for the next line that will match up with the sylabbles and be singable like y’all gotta get that figured out cause I alr know you’d make bank

Also you should do a built in plagiarism detection from the database for peoples projects, to make sure aria doesn’t come up with stuff like other stuff and that your own ideas don’t sound like other stuff.

Some bugs are it makes just a flat one note generation sometime
It also seems to sometimes wanna use ugly flat notes in the worst times
And if you make a generation in the middle of two Melodie’s 8/10 it just copies the melody before it rather than coming up with a new one. For me this really sucks, cause if you have a verse melody and a chorus melody and try to use Aria to help with a pre it’ll just spit out a worse version of the verse.

I love aria and can’t wait for the future of it.

Anyone who reads this should think of some ideas too and comment them!

Max :slight_smile:


Hey Max, thank you for your valuable input. We will continue to make Aria better in the future, so perhaps some of your ideas might be possible.
Having Aria giving you tips on how to improve your exisiting material would be a great feature as this would allow Aria even more to be a helpful songwriting companion.
Thank you very much!