Aria and lyrics

Hi all, before I buy Hookpad, I’d like to check that Aria works with lyrics? Ie the lyrics I enter match the notes in the same way manually adding notes does.

Hi, and thank you for your question.
Yes, your lyrics will be added to your melody created by Aria the same way as manually adding notes. However Aria won’t take your lyrics into account when creating a melody (not sure if this was the question as well). So the lyrics might not fit very well but they will be added nevertheless.

Please let me know if this helped!

Hi thank you for your reply. I assume you mean Aria doesn’t take into account the meaning of the words? But it does split the syllables into each note?

In Hookpad the lyrics are splited automatically and the resulting syllables are then added, one syllable for each note from the start of your project or section. It makes no difference if Aria or you wrote those notes. If there are notes and lyrics, the lyrics will be added.

Aria doesn’t know if/that there are lyrics, it will just write notes in consideration with the underlying harmony, but it doesn’t care about your lyrics. So it won’t know how much notes your melody needs to have enough place for your lyrics etc…

Does this make things a bit clearer?


Thank you very much for the explanation!