Applied chords of borrowed chords

The IV/, V/, and viio/ settings should be usable together with the borrowed chord option, so that constructions like IV/♭III - V/♭III - ♭III (in Major) and V/IV - V/VII - VII (in Minor) are possible.

I am fairly sure Hookpad is capable of this already. Please add these in Hookpad or Hookpad 2 (along with other types of applied chords while you are at it).


on a similar note, why is it not possible to have both add9 and 7 on a chord? All you would be doing is adding the 2nd note of the scale to the chord.

It is possible (do not ask me how I did this), but in my opinion it is useless if it does not allow actual alterations. I will stick to iii7sus2 for V7♭9/vi.