App stops working after selecting chords

In newest version, after getting several chords going. The app will just go to a white screen and is unusable. I’m able to refresh the page, reload the song, try a few more chords then I get a white screen again. This has made my subscription completely unusable. Happens in both Firefox and Chrome. Been using this app at work almost every day for years, would love a fix.


Similar problem. I “save as” and the screen goes white. MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 Chrome 111.0.5563.64

Hey guys, thanks for the report, is this issue reproducible? It would be super helpful if you could give us a list of steps that you’re doing to make this happen

Yes. I have a file open. I have some chords(as seen in the screenshots), I want to try the “popular chords”. When I click on Fmaj, it goes to a white screen and I have to refresh. On further testing, only the last two chords cause this to happen. The first 10 or so suggestions inser the chord as intended. The forum is only letting me upload one screenshot, this is the white screen that occurs.