Any official comments on polyphony in TheoryTab?

To the devs: will there be any official support at all for polyphony in TheoryTabs? I (and a few others) have been requesting this for years, and in some cases polyphony is required in order to notate countermelodies, chords currently not possible with the chord system, and so on.

When HP1 was not yet officially deprecated and taken down and before HP2 became the only Hookpad, I used HP1 only because it allowed for polyphony in TheoryTab submissions. (This may have been a bug, and probably not intended.) Now, there’s no way to have TheoryTab polyphony at all.

Any official comments on the existence/support of polyphony in TheoryTab?


I wonder if it might be to avoid getting the attention of entities who would DMCA theorytabs for having more than one melodic lines, as you’d be able to pretty much skip out on buying “proper” sheet music with chords and melodic lines free on TheoryTabs, when they definitely ately want to stay in the Fair Use category. I think I reported a problem with the polyphony in TheoryTabs only for Polyphony itself to be fixed as a bug in the release notes, lol.

Fine. Then they can ban it on theory tab, but at least let us use it on Hook Pad for our own songs.

This isn’t an official response, though. This is just speculation, at least not until the devs confirm it.

Saying it out loud I would imagine would involve needing to enforce it more, which is a lot of work that would be better spent on development.