Allow alteration of the third of a chord to easily convert chords from major to minor

I am trying to reproduce this non-diatonic gm -> ebm (i -> vi) chord progression from John Williams’ Imperial March.

Unfortunately I cannot find any work-around to give me an ebm in the key of gm.

I’ve no idea how the author of this tab did it.

The only options via borrowed chords are em and e dim.

This would be much easier if it was possible to toggle a chord between minor and major.

Any chance of seeing this as a feature?

You can have Ebm by borrowing non-diatonic chords from other modes.

In this case, Ebm is gotten by switching modes from G minor to Bb Major, then borrowing from Bb Locrian.

In general, if you can’t find a chord from borrowing, look into the other modes of the song’s key and borrow from there.