A measure by measure inspection mode for the song metrics

It would be interesting to see a measure by measure score for each of the criteria of the song metrics.
It could be numeric or a graph to show where to look to improve a composition.

I am really thinking something on the order of this weather graph:

It wouldn’t need to be a real time calculation. It really shouldn’t be hard to implement since the data is already there with the song metric data. Just a new way to visualize it in a more granular way.

How could you even measure Chord Progression Novelty over just one bar? Or even Melodic Complexity or Chord Bass Melody? I agree though, I’d like to see more fine grained metrics, maybe for each section or your current selection.

They would just have it as undefined in measures until they had enough data to calculate. Not everything would be meaningful. Many of the metrics are subjective.

It is just data visualization. It doesn’t create meaning. It is just a tool to see things in a different way.