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feature requests

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One Beat Measure (4)
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Role System for Users (3)
Secondary Subdominants (4)
Onebox embedding for Hookpad in Discourse (2)
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Midi + youtube playback asynchronously (4)
Ability to use triplets (2)
Ability to highlight section of book (Hooktheory I) (2)
Lifetime Hookpad+ (1)
Is there a way to export sound samples? (4)
Theorytab MIDI Out (9)
Make full data dump available? (2)
More Generalized TheoryTab Secions (3)
Another endpoint on your API allowing for: 'Chords in this______' (6)
Ability to edit drums (1)
Chord Interval View (1)
On implementing the augmented fifth (4)
Hooktheory Classroom Exercise URLs for Google Classroom linking (3)
Some more suggestions (12)
Hookpad for iPad (5)
Order song chords in MY COLLECTION (1)
A proper rename function (6)
Change the checkboxes to reflect functionality (2)