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bug reports

Chapter 3.6 not loading properly, the media for the first question isn't loading (1)
Infinite loop in find best break (4)
Band controls does not appear in Firefox 64 (1)
Not able to Update videos on theorytab (4)
Piano does not reset accidentals (2)
Chord note lower than bass (2)
Cannot open any song (3)
Radiohead's Creep chord missing: B as "III(bor)" (3)
Can't view old revisions of some Theorytabs (2)
LOOP - plays blank measures at end before looping to the start (4)
Null section header (1)
Search by chord shows wrong section label (2)
Chord pasting is broken on push neighbor setting (1)
Keyboard controls conflict with browser keyboard controls (1)
Sound not working / no audio on iOS app (iPhone, iPad) [Fixed] (4)
Hookpad+ Midi-In from Logic Pro X Bug (2)
Backtick does not seem to work (1)
"Media not found" error after pressing Play button in Android Hooktheory I app (6)
Chrome freezing the project page (17)
Theory Tabs not Showing (2)
Midi Guitar Export on the hook pad plus bugs out when placed in a DAW! (4)
Vivaldi browser not working with midi controller (1)
The tennis ball bouncing sound in rock guitar rhythm (2)
"Save as" allows you to create two projects with the same name (2)
Tab of the Day: Stuck on "Everything I Do" (4)
403 error when trying to add a new TheoryTab contribution (6)
"Add New TheoryTab" redirects to 404 / 403 Error Rickroll (4)
Notes named incorrectly on the guitar fretboard (4)
Java Update 181 (3)
Wrong chord is being played (3)